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가장 많이 연주된 음악 탑텐 by Counterparts 여기에서 마지막 40개 콘서트 중에서.

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라이브로 연주될 노래는 다음 앨범에 수록되어 있습니다:

다음 세트리스트

Counterparts 무대 예상해 보기 0:49. 여기에 이전의 콘서트에 기초한 예상되는 세트리스트가 있습니다.:

음악 타이틀
  1. A Eulogy For Those Still Here cover Whispers of Your Death
  2. A Eulogy For Those Still Here cover Bound to the Burn
  3. Nothing Left To Love cover Wings of Nightmares
  4. Nothing Left To Love cover Your Own Knife
  5. Monument cover Monument
  6. You're Not You Anymore cover No Servant of Mine
  7. Tragedy Will Find Us cover Stranger
  8. A Eulogy For Those Still Here cover Flesh to Fill Your Wounds
  9. Nothing Left To Love cover Paradise and Plague
  10. Boca 1999: Best Of College A Cappella cover Love Me
  11. A Eulogy For Those Still Here cover Unwavering Vow

Counterparts 2022 투어 지도

전세계를 Counterparts 와 함께 할수 있어요 그리고 어디서 Counterparts 를 볼수 있는지 확인해보세요.
다음 나라에서, 18개의 콘서트를 미리 화인 할수잇어요: 미국, 캐나다, 영국, etc.

당신이 좋아하실 만한 것

비슷한 아티스트들

  1. Neurotic
  2. Vertigo
  3. Bottle It Up
Hundredth Photo


  1. Fading Face
  2. Blind
  3. Fake Love
Capsize Photo


  1. Tragedy
  2. Find Our Way
  3. The Hardest Part Is Forgetting Those You Swore You Would Never Forget
Being as an Ocean Photo

Being as an Ocean

  1. Defenses Down
  2. Setting the Fire
  3. The Gift of Clarity
It Prevails Photo

It Prevails

  1. Only Memories
  2. A Beautiful White
  3. Almost There
Heart in Hand Photo

Heart in Hand

  1. I Don't Mind
  2. Cowardice
  3. Bastards
Defeater Photo


  1. A Certain Death
  2. The Failsafe
  3. A Victim, a Target
Misery Signals Photo

Misery Signals

  1. Engine 45
  2. Avalanche
  3. Aftermath
The Ghost Inside Photo

The Ghost Inside

  1. Do You Remember
  2. Love Let Me Go
  3. Scarlet Skyline
More Than Life Photo

More Than Life

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