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가장 많이 연주된 음악 탑텐 by Violent Femmes 여기에서 마지막 40개 콘서트 중에서.

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라이브로 연주될 노래는 다음 앨범에 수록되어 있습니다:

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콘서트 음악 들어보기 (투어 후 업데이트 합니다):

Violent Femmes 무대 예상해 보기 1:39. 여기에 이전의 콘서트에 기초한 예상되는 세트리스트가 있습니다.:

음악 타이틀
  1. Violent Femmes cover Add It Up
  2. 2 Mics & The Truth: Unplugged & Unhinged In America cover I'm Nothing
  3. We Can Do Anything cover Memory
  4. Violent Femmes cover Confessions
  5. Hallowed Ground cover Country Death Song
  6. Add It Up (1981-1993) cover Waiting for the Bus
  7. Violent Femmes cover Prove My Love
  8. The Violent Femmes Collection cover Jesus Walking on the Water
  9. Violent Femmes cover Promise
  10. Add It Up (1981-1993) cover Dance, Motherfucker, Dance
  11. Violent Femmes cover Good Feeling
  12. Why Do Birds Sing? cover American Music
  13. Violent Femmes cover Gimme the Car
  14. Permanent Record: The Very Best Of The Violent Femmes (gh) cover I Held Her in My Arms
  15. Violent Femmes cover Gone Daddy Gone
  16. Permanent Record: The Very Best Of The Violent Femmes (gh) cover Black Girls
  17. Encore #1

  18. Violent Femmes cover Blister in the Sun
  19. Violent Femmes cover Kiss Off

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  3. No Aloha
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  2. Plateau
  3. Roof With A Hole
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  2. Tried And True
  3. Transdermal Celebration
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  1. See A Little Light
  2. Heartbreak A Stranger
  3. Sunspots
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