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가장 많이 연주된 음악 탑텐 by Ballyhoo! 여기에서 마지막 40개 콘서트 중에서. New to Ballyhoo!? Listen to the best songs first ()

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라이브로 연주될 노래는 다음 앨범에 수록되어 있습니다:

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Listen to the Playlist of the Next Concert (updated after every tour date):

Ballyhoo! 무대 예상해 보기 1:06. 여기에 이전의 콘서트에 기초한 예상되는 세트리스트가 있습니다.:

음악 타이틀
  1. I Don't Wanna Go cover I Don't Wanna Go
  2. Detonate cover Selling Out
  3. Detonate cover Maryland Summer
  4. Mixtape cover Mixtape
  5. Girls. cover Blaze This Weed
  6. Detonate cover Gas Station Burrito
  7. Do It For The Money! cover Cali Girl
  8. Do It For The Money! cover Cerveza
  9. Sounds Of Summer '19 cover Dark Sunglasses
  10. Daydreams cover Walk Away
  11. Detonate cover Riddled With Bullets
  12. Girls. cover Jameson & Ginger
  13. Encore #1

  14. Pineapple Grenade cover Love Letters

Ballyhoo! Tour Map 2020

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당신이 좋아하실 만한 것

비슷한 아티스트들

  1. Ghost Man
  2. Submersible
  3. Kilo
Passafire Photo


  1. Bowl For Two
  2. Sacrifice
  3. Down, Down, Down
The Expendables Photo

The Expendables

  1. Falling
  2. Time Bomb
  3. Wait and See
Iration Photo


  1. Bad Seeds
  2. Vices
  3. Love Street
Tomorrows Bad Seeds Photo

Tomorrows Bad Seeds

  1. Sundown
  2. Dreaming
  3. California Girl
Pacific Dub Photo

Pacific Dub

  1. Tricky Nicky
  2. Bad Luck
  3. Full Speed
Mike Pinto Photo

Mike Pinto

  1. Lay Me Down
  2. Stand Tall
  3. Driftin'
The Dirty Heads Photo

The Dirty Heads

  1. Take It or Leave It
  2. Panic
  3. Only
Sublime with Rome Photo

Sublime with Rome

  1. Safe and Sound
  2. Feeling Alright
  3. Ordinary Girl
Rebelution Photo


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